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Sep 2019

Notable Reads for 13 Sept 🔗

As good a theme for the week’s reads as any. From @yourgirlSylv:

There are lots of different kinds of disabilities in the world. Some visible, some invisible. People living with disabilities are some of the most creative & resilient folks bc of a life of navigating systems designed without our consideration! #CripTheVote

And now, a few reads which sync to such a powerful statement:

Special Note: as noticed in this week’s post; have been putting in some time with the beta of Muse, a note/whiteboard/tack board-like app. It goes beyond the behavior of most note apps — closest analogy could be WeTransfer’s Paper mixed with Photoshop’s layers. Really neat, and has already tweaked a few shortcuts & behaviors. Read more and sign up for the newsletter.

And for the more recent, homegrown content:

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