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05 Jun 2023

Frustrations of Un-Optimization

In the shape of Avanceé, there’s the aforementioned challenge of the coaching down-slope, but also there’s that of other...
02 Jun 2023

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Also published: Coaching’s Down-Slope
30 May 2023

Coaching’s Down-Slope

Much about coaching others seems to be setting people and teams on the upswing. But, you’ve also got to deal with the re...
26 May 2023

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Also published Leaving Screens, Not Canvases
22 May 2023

Leaving Screens, Not Canvases

One of the things which most bugs about some of the way computing is looked at is the focus on there needing to be some ...
19 May 2023

Avanceé Reads for 19 May 23

Also published A Lab and A Future
15 May 2023

A Lab and A Future

Most things shared here are small notes and threads amongst topics others are talking about. But what about when others ...
12 May 2023
05 May 2023
28 Apr 2023

Avanceé Reads for 28 April 23 🔗

Now playing with Micro.Blog’s upcoming via iOS/iPadOS Test Flight, these kinds of edge moments are very much worth seein...
21 Apr 2023
14 Apr 2023

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Also published: One Step Further
11 Apr 2023

One Step Further

Speculative fiction as an act of thinking In a project, we are aiming a few steps beyond what is considered conventional...
07 Apr 2023

Avanceé Reads for 7 April 23 🔗

This actually might be one of the last cross-posted to Twitter. Kind of not a bad thing in our case; plus there’s a bit ...
01 Apr 2023
24 Mar 2023
17 Mar 2023
10 Mar 2023

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Also published Compliments and Additions
09 Mar 2023

Compliments and Additions

One of the more powerful realizations any relationship comes across is this concept of either being a “compliment” or an...
03 Mar 2023
24 Feb 2023
17 Feb 2023

Avanceé Reads for 17 Feb 23 🔗

Also shared: (via LinkedIn Human-centered design is not something to add to a product or process. It is what’s realize...
10 Feb 2023

Avanceé Reads for 10 Feb ‘23 🔗

Also published: Agility and Shape Things (part 2 of Move Fast and Shape Things)
06 Feb 2023

Agility and Shape Things

It’s often a topic sits in the mind long enough to become something to write about. This is again one of those times. C...
03 Feb 2023