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08 Aug 2022

On that Ring Project

The hardest thing about our long-running NFC ring project is not commandeering the hardware (and software) so that this ...
05 Aug 2022

Avanceé Reads for 5 Aug 22 🔗

Also published: [LinkedIn: A Simple Teat to Validate Maturity of Design Leadership](www.linkedin.com/posts/ant…]
29 Jul 2022

Avanceé Reads for 29 July 22 🔗

Also published: Homeostasis As Normal LinkedIn: Yes, it is difficult for many to see what has been prevented because of...
26 Jul 2022

Homeostasis As Normal

What if productivity is getting to the point (or maybe knowledge work, or any kind of work for that matter) of establish...
22 Jul 2022

Avanceé Reads for 22 July 22 🔗

Also published: Design’s Credibility
18 Jul 2022

Design’s Credibility

While listening to Charles Barkley on the Draymond Green podcast, he brings up an interesting point regarding credibilit...
15 Jul 2022

Avanceé Reads for 15 July 22 🔗

Also published: Platform Semantics Intersection of Outputs and Outcomes
11 Jul 2022

Platform Semantics

Do I need to care about their platforms? This is a question often asked before going into certain types of training and ...
08 Jul 2022

Avanceé Reads for 8 July 22 🔗

Also published Independence and Superstition
05 Jul 2022

Independence and Superstition

Around this time of the year, many in the USA celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, cookouts, parades, and other fe...
01 Jul 2022
24 Jun 2022

Avanceé Reads for 24 June 22 🔗

Also published: Sensemaking: Learning and Working
20 Jun 2022

Sensemaking: Learning and Working

To some of us, “sensemaking” isn’t work. It’s an adventure… a self-fueled, sometimes even self-directed, path of disco...
17 Jun 2022

Avanceé Reads for 17 June 22 🔗

Also published: Thoughts on iPadOS 16’s Stage Manager
13 Jun 2022

Thoughts on iPadOS 16’s Stage Manager

Furthering some thoughts from last week’s Apple WWDC presentation of iPadOS 16 and Stage Manager. First, the thoughts on...
10 Jun 2022

Avanceé Reads for 10 June 22 🔗

A good bit more ink and thoughts on this one than the usual. Normally, leaving the arrangement of links is enough to con...
03 Jun 2022
27 May 2022

Avanceé Reads for 27 May 22 🔗

Also published: Maturity Beyond Management Links collected using the newly launched Muse 2.0 (see release at Product Hun...
23 May 2022

Maturity Beyond Management

Recent conversations about change and technology with those who are directly implementing and interacting with what’s ch...
20 May 2022

Avanceé Reads For 20 May 22 🔗

Also published: Comfort, Friction Chatting w/a UX designer (friend) recently who is looking at professional/career p...
16 May 2022

Comfort, Friction

Been doing this thing a little bit more frequently lately where when people are asking what Avanceé is, a demonstration ...
13 May 2022

Avanceé Reads for 13 May 22 🔗

Also published: Data Analysis is Weird Of note, this week’s share of the Muse board comes from the upcoming Muse 2.0 rel...
09 May 2022

Data Analysis is Weird

Something of an “off the cuff” title to this, but in thinking about a few items which have been in the inbox lately, it ...
06 May 2022

Avanceé Reads for 6 May 22 🔗

Also posted: Some Truths About Design Analogy of A Few Dead Evergreens
02 May 2022

Some Truths About Design

What are some things which may be true about design that seem to be ignored or looked over? Could there be truths about ...