Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

May 2023

A Lab and A Future

M1 iPad Pro 12 inch, top right shows the M2 Mac mini that is currently connected. And the Intel Mac mini is not connected to anything in the bottom middle of this picture

Most things shared here are small notes and threads amongst topics others are talking about. But what about when others aren’t talking? Well, we are creating a research and (experimentation) development and laboratory of sorts.

For a long time, the primary means of being able to explore and exploit the edges of what is happening has relied on reading, low-budget tech acquisitions, and many friendly conversations (so many thanks over the years) enabling a lot of smart and forward-thinking items. There’s also been some severe limitations and exits (memories again of that mobile web server, and most recently Helm email server). Part of that is an intentional handicap of sorts - a preference to use mobile operating systems for almost 25 years now has led to a different perspective of languages and structure - noting the trends, not following them. And yet inside of all of this there’s sometimes not enough steps forward. So for 2023, Avanceé is building something of a research lab.

No, this isn’t something like acquiring property on the edge of the city, and making use of too many parking spots for the actual work that’s taking place. But there is an analogy of sorts happening with an earlier acquisition of the M2 Mac Mini as the center for this research and development environment. From this, exploring what does and doesn’t work in terms of direct and gestural input interfaces. There’s intrigue to what has been evolving in terms of browsers and application platform development. Tentatively, that is. The hardware is here and there is still other work to be done.

Recently, a second Mac Mini has joined the fray, and it too will be a part of this research and development effort. It’s intention is not exactly clear at the time of this writing. But, there’s a lot of cool stuff in regards to localized machine learning (LLM) and data modeling, which really is the right direction forward as this effort stays giving solid advice or insight to those persons who look to Avanceé as something of a canary.

There are a few more imaginations that are not spoken of immediately, which remain a part of the experiments helping shape this effort forward. Yes, many of the interactions from this initiative output as coaching and advisory support. But, the genesis for those activities comes from having a place to experiment, converse, and invent new canvases. Outcomes from having such a space gives opportunity to shape a future others may be able to partake in, or even figure out roads which didn’t deserve to be traveled at all. After all, what’s a lab and some experiments without figure it out if somethings really don’t work?