Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jun 2024

Thinking Matter Expert

iPhone 15 Pro with two NFC cards, Brilliant Labs Monocle and Humane AiPin surrounding

Chatting w/a developer-manager and a data analyst about my Humane AiPin, and one of the phrases which came to the convo was that of a “thinking matter expert.” A spin on subject-matter-expert, and contextual to the sharpening of thinking which some of us prefer to see LLMs, GPTs, etc utilized towards.

We’d even chatted some in comparing it to the “thought leader” phrasing. “Thinking matter expert” feels similar and altogether different. Less about what one is posturing, and more about actively evaluating what might matter in some areas… almost as if one aims to become an expert in thinking, rather than in having their thoughts heard.

The conversations sparked by the AiPin have been very interesting. And depending on audience, uncovering artifacts about how we “think” perhaps a bit more than connected devices have done previously.