Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jan 2024

Always Refining the Contact Points

Black ring sitting on top of a white business card that shows Avanceé logo which sits on top of a business card that has a QR code and other symbols, looking like a QR code that are sitting on a holographic/rainbow colored business card. All items are sitting on top of a black background

Went to a brunch and didn’t have the NFC ring when it came time to swap contact info. But, due to a recent acquisition, do have a backup in the form of a QR code that’s on an NFC business card. However, things weren’t as polished coming from the business card as they are coming from the ring.

So, after doing a little bit of cleanup work with the service that’s behind the QR code (MyTTag) once that brunch was over, am feeling a lot more comfortable with using the business card in a pinch.

But at the same time, a piece of what makes Avanceé a memorable-type of engagement really does come across when the ring is used as a contact point. When “kiss the ring with your phone” comes out, there’s just a neat sense of “oh yea, this is neat” which seems to just elevate convos from “what do you” to “how does that work,” and “can you show me how to…”

Not every one of those engagements have turned into further conversations or direct work. One of the elements also pointed out by using the “backup business card” after brunch was that Avancee services were not easy enough to come to. Unnecessary friction between what is said and what is read isn’t good. Therefore, a change to the About page and expansion into a clearer “Services” page is now the case - along with some tweaks to the foundational “What Do I Do Exactly” post. This should improve converting conversations to enablements.

Still have to work on some other pieces (finalized reports from a few experiments and a few other bits), but some cleanup after that latest encounter does point to feeling better about refining how folks should be able to go from connecting to more.