Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Dec 2023

AvanceĆ© Reads for 22 and 28 Dec 23 šŸ”—

The other week, posted a review of what has been an enjoyable and contemplative year. From the fractional executive work to the experiments to the incredible layers of reading, it has been an absolutely thick and enjoyable 2023. One last collection of links to close out the year, some contemplation about situational awareness, and what it may be going forward.

Platforms are looking to the Internet as something that is stable and mostly self sustaining. But, protocol is come and go. Factions come and go. Even though the underlying protocols may still be pretty similar to what got things started, thereā€™s always something new on the horizon that makes us reconsider (even if for half a decade) What the present and the future looks like.

Only be attached to those things that leave an imprint. For everything else, itā€™s just meta-data that informs where you should be printing your breath and your energy.