Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jul 2022

Homeostasis As Normal

What if productivity is getting to the point (or maybe knowledge work, or any kind of work for that matter) of establishing homeostasis as the normal state, and disorganized, stress, entropy, whatever you wanna call it as the abnormal?

If this was the case, would we be looking at the concept of “weekend“ or “vacation“ in the same context that we currently do? Or, would work begin to take on a deeper meaning than simply “doing enough to survive.“

It’s possible, the stress is related to trying to maintain a livable state in many of our economies takes us out of homeostasis. The state of balance ought to be normal. However, we end up doing a lot of things (layering) so that we can get to understand or even be associated with normal. Even though disruption is more less normal.

Perhaps there is an opportunity with the current changes of work, workplace, intentionality, and humane design, to foster homeostasis as normal. And then give folks the tools to understand how to flow with disruption, rather than how to thrive in disruption - trauma existence.