Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Dec 2021

Identifying the Necessity of Opportunity

Part of the market space in which Avanceé plays is within the civic tech space. Civic tech, or the technologies and services which facilitate government services and citizen engagement, is a mixture of fast moving pieces and slow(er) moving policies. If there’s any play for re-engineering complexity, this is one space in which this would be quite a benefit. However, identifying those opportunities to reduce unnecessary friction is often a mix of mining requests for proposals, local/state chambers of commerce, and even hot button topics from news and social media. Or, one can take a look at public declarations and find markets hidden in pain sight.

One of the places to look for areas of opportunity in civic tech comes from looking at what has been deemed necessary by posture or policy. Those programs which are wanted for improving the quality of service, upskilling a specific population, or addressing a previously under-funded area are ripe for re-engineering. Of late, paying attention to the Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions shows a slew of areas in which necessity for governing is also opportunity for engagement.

Now, we won’t say what exactly Avanceé is looking into in that or other datasets, only that the framework for taking active steps forward is much less complicated than inventing something wholly new. Often, new is simply a matter of finding what areas of necessity have been neglected, and then simply addressing them. And where there might not be an ability to address, there is context to the language and shape of the discussions which surround. Which also meets the need of reducing complexity… our posture and goal.