Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jul 2021

Blank Slate

Looking at the notebook, the calendar Blank slate

Am comparing to the previous endeavor maybe a bit too much. Used to write, produce, and travel to share. Haven’t dont thst as much since tuning things here. And yet, there’s still a want (not always need) to sharpen the palette thru moments of being exposed to other people, orgs, and contexts.

It is great to come into a space, have an expectation, and a whiteboard sketch or conversation later, it turns into something different-yet-similar. In what had been thought of as this forward pushing space, Avanceé was also a hope to be less chained to the conventions of whatever passes for now.

Looking at the calendar, the notebook Scribbled fate

For as clear as re-engineering complexity can be. It is also a bell-toll for another kind of discomfort. Discomfort with the pace of change. Discomfort with the spaces allowed and pushed. Discomfort. Right up to a point where it’s pressing down hard enough to force a transformation.

Looking for what forces transformations can be worthwhile. It can also be terrifying.