Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jun 2021

Avanceé Reads 4 June 21 🔗

It’s been a little while since putting together a blog. And it really is not much of an excuse. It’s really fairly simple to sit down before device, and let transcription do its thing. But what has been a defining factor for the way writings happen here, has been the use of hand writing to express those things which are a little bit more sentimental, a little bit more of the moment. And this is not to say that it doesn’t work out… But in this age we’re things which are taped seem to get a little bit more attention than things which are hand written (things that the machine reads are more important than things which humans read) it may very well be that we just don’t give enough time to slow down and consider each stroke of the letter, just as much as we are considering the stroke of thought.  Nevertheless, there’s always something new to find if you imagine that every piece here is merely a dive into another well. The things which are found through each article that is shared (regardless of your ability to click on the link or not) is not necessarily the connections that I need to make for you, but the connections that you are able to make for yourself. What are the things that are being read? Where are the connections being made inside of what’s being read, watched, postulated? Are these things valuable? Or are they just another sharpening of a tool?  In a few recent conversations, we’ve talked a little bit about “active listening“ and this ability to not necessarily develop the solution, but listen to the solution in the mist of the problem which is being explained by others. Often times, we are finding that the route to the solution is merely shifting the perspective from the thing that was insurmountable, to the thing that can be mounted. And for many folks, that’s exactly the kind of “forward“ that they are looking for. Not necessarily the solution, but some means to be able to find their own path forward. Enter that end, these musings are just ways to extend the connections a touch further than… “here’s a link.”  So what are you to do next? Or rather, what should you be provoked to do next as a result of reading this, or connecting on any past articles, Concepts, or anything else that’s been posted in the stream?  Well, that’s actually up to you. Here is just an exploration of discovery. And expansion of one persons mental capacities, which occasionally dovetails with a problem that you are looking for some additional insight. But once the inside has been intersected with your path, the things that you find now I need to become solutions that most matter to you. Can we help you get there? Probably. But the goal of this effort isn’t necessarily to help you get there, but to help you figure out if the thing that you found actually helps you take a step forward, or reengineered the thing that was complex, into something that’s not so.