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Mar 2021

Avanceé Reads 19 Mar ✍🏾🔗

Lions and Lambs - Enjoying the shift of the seasons is March’s usual frequency. Much about the “noise“ of this month is felt in the increased energy of people and teams seem apt to put forth. Yeah, that roar and prancing is not really the change. March, at least it’s introduction, as a sign of the changes on the horizon. It’s better to see the month as a harbinger of the energy the year will need.  This is the lesson of March 2020 reflected into 2021. One has to admire any persistence, anything well so in the last year at this time, which is become worth investing into the ground again this year. For sure, this was not expected. But to make the most out of the roar of a new age (2020), we must also find a suitable shedding of what didn’t remain. Then close ourselves for whatever next might be.  Muse (museapp.com) saw a recent update adding a more flexible canvas. Given the “abstract“ nature of the shares, it was worth seeing how this format plays when the canvas is less rigid. Your thoughts? Share to @AvanceeAgency here or Twitter