Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Feb 2021

Avanceé Reads 12 Feb ✍🏾🔗

 Level Setting Scopes - What’s the most disruptive words heard during a project update meeting? One of them Hass to be scope creep. This realization that either the controls or the actual direction of the project has changed in such a way that the energy needed to correct things is greater than expectations had for the energy remaining. Such is the case of falling out of the boundaries... but also the viewpoints which come from different levels.  A decent, but not perfect, method to avoid scope creep is to level set and then reiterate those levels at regular intervals between milestones. Level setting embeds a lot of self correction alongside Camille response. We don’t just fall for in a project because of the initial inertia, but move forward as a series of intentional steps. Scope creep doesn’t so much happening here because the perspectives rails are clear. Opportunity to success is clear. The scope stays valued; even if there is greener grass.