Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Dec 2020

2020 Reflection and Rollup

Figured to take a reflection at the end of 2020 thru inking/sketching in Muse. While there hasn’t been as much content as in previous years, there’s actually been some good pushes forward in both shaping better workflows and enabling individuals and teams shape the kinds of responses with building productive and profitable teams thru.  Challenges remain however. Not so much in content here, but I’m pushing faster from identifying issues to wrappers or workflows simple yet powerful enough to employ. There are good signs here, but more work is needed.  For 2021, might need to extend some experiments to teams outside of Avanceé a bit more. And still having some closers to an R&D (research and development) type context. Security, experience design, and cognitive productivity remain threaded thru opportunities. But beyond that, it’s making sense of post-COVAD19 work and workspaces.  Re-engineering complexity is continual. Onward. ~ Antoine of Avanceé

Created w/Muse for iPad