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Dec 2019

Notable Reads for 14 Dec 🔗

This time last week, didn’t intend on writing another one of these composed link lists. But, it’s a behavior now associated with a slice of reflecting on the week. There’s a whole behavior forming — in part because of the fall/winter stealing light and warmer temperatures from cycling. A major part of this is now leveraging technologies which move slower yet further (an iPad Mini 5, an Apple Watch Series 3, Snap’s Spectacles or Vue glasses). There’s intentional envisioning, and occasional sketching. Yet it’s mostly for the purpose of enabling rivers to form elsewhere. And perhaps enabling the following week to tide into something more permanent, more sustaining. Notable reads have become an intentional space of walking thru the weeds found during the week.

This is actually a bit hard to pull together… go figure

One more than the usual, but there’s been something sparked by just bits watched and read today. A few from here:

Lastly, am raising funds to support an upcoming NYC to Philly bike ride. Learn more and support the effort by going here.