Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Nov 2019

Notable Reads for 22 Nov 🔗

Was going to theme this around some design concepts, but it occurs that a better topic is that of silence. Or, more specifically, noise. Following the cadence of the week to respective reflections and insights is a case of taking noise and filtering out the unnecessary bits to hear something more pure than just another newsletter. This is hard for some. Energy levels, boundaries, expectations, and he weight of experiences are all their own bits of noise. And yet, those of us who still ourselves, and hear better what ways we sync with the world around us, tend to find the volume much lower of those unnecessary bits. The natural bits accent life not only nicely, it in ways which resonate to others.

Noise and silence as a theme for this week’s reads? Sure, why not.

Nothing new published this week… was too loud to pull it all together one could suppose. A few previously posted items along this vein:

Preparing for next spring’s NYC to Philly Bike Ride; support the efforts of this venture thru that effort.