Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Nov 2019

Notable Reads for 8 Nov 🔗

Added an iPad Mini 5 & Pencil to the toolset recently and it’s actually made for much quieter sessions for evening and weekend computing. As a matter of fact, wasn’t until right before writing this post that even a social network was added to the Mini… intentionally putting the onus on the owner to define a different gravity to connectivity. Gravity causes this revisited constellation of devices and connectivity to orient yet another perspective or approach to addressing complexity. But, like any good constellation, it’s just a point in space to orient oneself. It isn’t the destination, or the road.

This week’s notable reads follows a similar horizon-view:

No articles from the queue just yet. Much to consider, and several in drafts. And well, perhaps something to explore now that there is a new device in hand to create and extend the canvas…