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Jul 2019

Notable Reads for 12 Jul 🔗

Uncharacteristicly quiet this week. Or, more like listening to what others are/aren’t doing in this space more intensly if there’s more to be said about it. The weekly long-form missed for paying attention to these trends has allowed some deeper thoughts about what it means to be forward. In one conversation, reflecting on the executive need for adding more time to the day meant looking again at what this effort is supposed to produce. In another, it has been about addressing some base tech skills so that data analytics and personal security aren’t missed as other efforts to move forward happen. That leads to similar endings at this point — links which have said things which matter. Beyond these, the conversation and effort continues to cut a different way forward.

Here’s what has caught my attention this week:

Last week’s notable reads 🔗 can be found here.

There were no new pieces this week, yet there’s been a ton posted this year. Here are a few favs:

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