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May 2019

Notable Reads for 3 May 🔗

Each week, looking back over what has been an influential read is something of a joy and a hurdle.

It’s a joy because there are connections made with particular items. There are insights, dissections, and connections which have made an impact at that very moment. Or maybe, it was an impact better felt when combined with something else read/created previously.

At the same time it’s a hurdle, because everything that you read is not necessarily meant to be taken in. Everything that falls into a feed is not meant to be consumed. The hurdle can be explained simply: is this important enough to come back to you later, or was it just a distraction for the thing you were supposed to be concentrating on?

With that kind of perspective, looking back over 6 to 7 days of notable reads takes on a different priority. It doesn’t mean that everything matters, it just means accepting the challenge of respecting the moment.

Here are a few of the items which stuck out this week:

Only one article this week:

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