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Mar 2019

Notable Reads for 8 Mar

It was almost written like a “poor me” metronome. That look back over the week which wasn’t as successful as hoped. Which wasn’t as ground-breaking as it could have been. This was almost written like that. And with barely a step back — technically, the backspace key — there’s something more about the week to be appreciated and respected. Not every step forward will work out. Sometimes, backspace is the key of life. There’s a measure of this journey fit for the few who travel it. Apparently, am on that track where it’s clear that more normative methods of work need not apply.

Why yes, that’s indeed the theme behind this week’s notable reads.

Interesting tools:

A few posts from here:

Had the thought a few times this week to move into a nearly daily cadence in sharing these. As far as can be noticed, there aren’t many who follow this side of things, so perhaps upping the cadence doesn’t really negate any of the effort. It does make the weekly trimming fall under a different banner. Perhaps that’s something to be played with. Others who do lists like these seem to gravitate towards some kind of thematic template; that’s certainly been the case with what’s been done here over the past year plus. Publicly wondering about tweaking that — not sure that it will add or remove value — not even sure that this format and sharing is all that valuable. There’s just a lot of noise out there.