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Jan 2019

Notable Reads for 18 Jan 🔗

Notable Reads for 18 Jan as being compiled in LiquidText

Some challenges are harder than others. When in the midst of significant change, the challenge to maintain one’s bearings, alongside adapting to the unknowable opportunities/consequences of the oncoming reality, tends to make a mountain or a mess out of a lot of us. And yet, what it will mean to cross that chasim, and become that thing you were sure was coming — and are surprised all the same — speaks to the beauty of the challenge. Whether personal, organizational, or national, the hardness of the challenge of change isn’t that its happening, but that you’ve built a new something to which the old one is only good enough to stand on.

The challenge of change is the thread for this collection of notable links. And as usual, a few thoughts from us bracket those notable reads:

Just a few from us this week: