Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Nov 2018

Conversations Create New Roads

‪Lots of email newsletters have been pushed out this year. So many are a collection of links, maybe some marketed goods, rarely long-form. But, where’s the conversation? Where’s the resulting products from those conversations? The convos to the concepts to the creations?‬

‪Been a year trying something different with Avanceé. Part of this has been an alternate signal in the newly formed “bucket of links at the cost of your email.” Perhaps it’s not a problem to be open‬ to a different path. Eigenwilligkeit a friend says. Yet maybe… it is the better path if something valuables to be hewn from this.

Forward isn’t exactly following the roads already made.

Should there be more branches like Micro.Blog, Mastadon, etc.? Should silo be defined by the niche more than the signal?

Or, is the responsibility of those who carve new roads in media and product do something new, while resonating with pieces of what is familiar from the old? It sounds philosophical but it’s not. Disruption first has to break its own chains before it can point liberty towards others’.