Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Nov 2018

Clarity in Conversation

Each conversation is another lesson in what others might do or want to do in order to make steps forward. The most common theme comes from the peeling off of the stated problem to what the actual issue might be. Then sketching across an ocean of possibilities, guiding the direction of something simpler, something which may be better — even if we didn’t build anything to get there.

This is is Avanceé

A conversation turns to what its participants do for a living. A few questions around similarities and differences, then a path opens — “how do you step forward?” The resulting conversation is a back and forth of lessons. Some are clear, some require leaning on past experiences to stitch a relatable context. And then, the common theme arrives. The insight which was not forced upon the conversation reveals itself as a matter of the real course of productivity. This manifestation is the onus on which “work” finds its definition. It is here where Avanceé begins to articulate a simpler message, or a simply clearer one.

Those conversations bend reality. We keep bending, then start sketching.

What’s more often the case is that there isn’t enough time to think about the how and why one works. It might be done for reasons of reputation, deadline, or experiment, but its done as a part of what feels necessary to meet an attainable goal. That ideal state — experience — is what we listen for. In the heartbeat of working we are listening for how companies and their employees design their space, or experience another’s space. We listen for what they have agency towards, and what might be taken away. Between and around those artifacts, the desired expereince speaks loudly. Filtering the noise, we offer a solution which might need nothing more than a glance, or something purposefully built.

Design solves a problem. Art raises a question@pak

Then there’s what’s built for that space. To take a conversation’s resolutions, and then create a manifestation of it which improves the state of someone’s or some team’s workspace — that part is the engineering of what had been complex into something that no longer is. For better and worse, there’s nothing about the tooling which is set in stone. That’s because what might be reengineered isn’t always software, its often also behavior and perception. We built, or draw up the detailed plans of what another builds, and then turn it loose to empower that conversation to become reality. Repacking the relationship of technology to humanity, the results land with the shape of “we should have always done it this way.”

Imagine packaging a way that understands why somebody does what they do, how they could do it differently, the benefits of being different and rapidly showing them the value and the extensibility of those lessons.

This is Avanceé.

How might you take your next steps forward? Let’s chat and find out.