Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Sep 2018

(re)Starting with New Assumptions

Have had a number of positive conversations since starting on this Avanceé journey. For the most part, conversations have been positive. Something about someone focusing on their own narrative, while also being open to sowing into the lives of others, has something of its own pay off. At the same time, Avanceé was started to become its own endeavor. There’s strategy and case studies, there have been concepts and histograms, and yet the things being thought through are still a bit further out there than what is being done in the world now.

So there’s a healthy pivot (and a rewritten About page) here at Avanceé. What happens when in this conversation about the implications of changing your workflow, or changing your assumptions, is less about looking for the next profit-filling moment, and more about what’s the next livable moment? The likely areas of extension and growth for Avanceé is less about having a product that needs physical space. It is more about the equity gained when empowering others to be a better self. It is much less knowledge in a can, and more wisdom as a stimulant. Everything about the focus for Avanceé has been best met when addressing individuals and niche moments who have less a “how can I be more profitable” aim, and have more of a “what are the things we aren’t thinking about, to which (Antoine thru) Avanceé is able to not only think about, but see clearly enough to create attainable opportunity?”

Does all of this mean that Avanceé hasn’t been viable as a venture to this point? No. This was started as a genuine expression of a psychosocial and technological conversation to which there is not always as clear an answer, or as easy to find expression. There are reviewers, journalists, bloggers, analysts, vloggers, and casters. There are not as many conceptual persons pushing things to this edge. Grafting new-ish thoughts to new-ish platforms, across common and uncommon lines, for the sake of searching out what might be beyond those semantically well-formed models. Its viable as a thoughts-space, and might even be moreso as an internet business. But, figuring that out has meant to challenge assumptions, while leaning on what has largely found voice for very few.

The assumptions to reset the machine: there are changes which have always been easily available, but mostly hidden or obscured because of the processes or tools in front of our eyes now.

What are the outlets to all of these inputs that create or foster this assumption? Some of them have been expressed and will continue to. There will be some expanding of thought on a weekly article. Sharing concepts is a bit easier said than done, but not becuase its hard to create concepts — some are just bound by agreements and context such they cannot be shared until much later. There are links shared, a thread many who do similar sites might also offer. But, the value in all of this is an effect in creating something very hard to capture in a traditional pricing worksheet. Is it a service map/matrix, UI components, presentation, or reports? Probably and yes. There’s more which goes in than which is expressed out. The assumption is that by the time it goes out, it will be of such a value that you’d come back here, or share something of specific value with someone who needs a shot of something different.

(re)Starting Avanceé with with a simple assumption: here is a resource that’s impartially outside of your space, listening and learning the levers which will affect your space sooner than you are paying attention to.

Thanks to the Episode 40 from The Knoweldge Project for helping to put these thoughts into a clearer form of expression.