Avanceé is the public design-thinking space by Antoine RJ Wright — a process analyst and designer who comes to out-of-the-box solutions by threading topics, experience, and a bit of alchemy. This space shares some “overflow” from personal and collaborative projects, while signaling availability for contact and freelance work under the Avanceé banner.

The subjects which appear here will varies due to the depth and breadth of design (topics include experience design, mobile, wearables, micromobility, and more). There is no rhyme or reason to them other than their connection to upcoming or current projects. The theme being followed is that of experimentation, iteration, and interest. If there’s a theme worth finding a differnet thread, its explored until it overflows into an expression here. This leads to a wide and deep range of topics, and therefore pens a wider and deeper ear to trends, strategies, methodologies, and behaviors.


I will occasionally agree to consulting and speaking engagements. Compensation will vary on the nature of the event, topic, and customer.

Areas of focus include:

  • Mobile and connected devices
  • User experience and process design
  • Digital life/digital humanism
  • Smart cities and alternate transport technologies
  • Business strategy and market opportunities for the above-noted topics

Previous projects/engagements include:

Contact me to learn more.

Ethics Statement

My goal is to be an independent analyst, and interdependent collaborator.

  • No company pays for any content here (in money, memberships, etc.)
  • No stocks, IRA, etc. accounts are held for any of the companies/products spoken towards
  • Speaking and consulting arrangements might be arranged with companies spoken about; that disclosure will be noted on the content where applicable
  • No intentional steps will be taken with content on this site, or activity under this brand, to discredit, disparage, or defame any individual or company. However, opinions on products, customer service, and publicly-viewable outputs may be the topic of content. If there are challenges/mistakes made in that manner, please contact me to resolve the matter directly.


To contact me, please use the email form here (reason for this contact form). While it may take a few days to respond, I will respond as best as time allows. You can find me on Twitter (@ARJWright); and the posts from this website are also cross-published to Twitter (@AvanceeAgency) and Medium.