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Aug 2018

Network Effects and Twitter Removal

Thinking about taking some more chances with the content posted through this @microdotblog account and it hits that some of the reason that the jump hasn’t already happened is because of so many of the network effects gained (chained?) to Twitter. Whereas some people find it easy to make the migration, a carefully curated — and global — conversation around several topics just isn’t able to happen here (yet).

Yet, if/when it does will it merely be like when Jaiku was removed from the social media sphere and usurped by Twitter (the network being better because of quantity and quality of those conversing), or will it be more like a series of isolated conversations, loosely held together by the threads the pioneering users have made? Can’t really remove something that’s grafted itself into a fabric of conversation so easily. And at the same time, when it is removed, what will its overall effect be on those who chart what comes next?