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Jun 2018

Notes As Art

As has been the case for the past few weeks, the top of the week has been regarded as the space for the week’s long-form piece. It makes sense to put the heavier items at the top of the week where there could be additional contemplation or discussion while also allowing for the work of the past to shift the present and future accordingly.

This week’s long-form will be a bit different as we’ll link to a contributed piece posted last week at the website Painfully Hopeful. Allowing for something a bit softer than the usual tech and philosophy-heavy items, this is a piece talking in a bit more detail about some of what goes into the synthesis of ideas and products — that is, talking about note taking, specifically the style called sketchnotes.

Here’s a snippet of that article:

I’ve been sketching on my notes for as long as I can remember (margins, back of pages, back of copy books, etc.). But it was with the 1st generation iPad that took off in a different direction. I purchased my first iPad about a month after the it’s introduction, and then took several months to play with various note apps. While I settled on Evernote, which I’d already been using, I wanted to push things a bit further when drawing connecting lines, graphs, or inserting images were part of the process. Penultimate became my notebook app of choice, later followed by Tactilis (a favorite, and recently released anew). Yet, it was with Adobe Ideas my story of “Notes As Art” transformed into more than just doodles.

Check out the rest of Taking Notes Part 3: Notes As Art at Painfully Hopeful and then get in touch if you notice some symmmetry between this personality of taking notes might enable you or your teams to better adjust and address their present and future activities.