Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jun 2024

Evolving Interactivity

Some recent likes/connections sparked a memory…

caught in the middle of a sentence during a keynote at the ICCM Australia conference 2015

Many years back, a literal career ago, got a chance to share some penultimate thoughts and approaches to leveraging mobile and social connected tech in non-mainstream & theological contexts (👋🏾 Global Recordings Network, Mission Aviation Fellowship). The keynotes and in-between conversations closed a chapter to a dozen years unpacking a mobile-heavy aspect of viewing connectivity, while opening my perspectives towards a multi-layered and spatially aware canvas.

Back then (and before), the spark of conducting workshops (by connecting mobile to a projector/screen, and controlled by a BT joystick) was just as much about the content as it was the interactive performance. Moving from theo-tech into enterprise, community, and civic tech, the stage was certainly similar, but the bar for mastering the elements of the stage lowered dramatically. Definitely enjoyed the moments where the tablet or other artifacts could be extended into the presentation, learning space w/o inciting fear, anxiety, or worse. And yet, my propensity to push at those boundaries certainly created some conversations, conversions, and critiques which continue to be leveraged (this was a fun one.

Evolving canvas and palette seems to be a part of a primary interactivity pattern. From mobiles, to tablets, to wearables - there’s a quiver of elements which we can use to communicate and learn from one another. And personally, there’s affordances to so much more than seeing, tapping, and beeping we’ve yet to take advantage of. Sure, much of our knowledge management behaviors might have been crafted against QWERTY and planes of glass. But, there’s so much more to our hands and fingers, so much more to our ears and the spaces in which we inhabit.

Physical therapists and yoga instructors often guide us towards understanding the trauma which is living within our bodies. I’ve grown to believe that creativity, curiosity, and more can also be cultivated from more movement. More than just getting a walking desk and closing your rings. There’s space in between the thing you are wondering, and the outcomes from your doings. Much like a bro getting “down under” to discover there’s more to living connected-faith than a wearable phone and tablet room controller; there’s probably more to your lists and decisions than standing up and circling back. There’s a sense or two worth exploring further… hopefully, you are able to chart paths towards what it unveils.