Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Apr 2024

Stymied, or Not

There’s this section of my Muse board (instance) that is nothing but a series of glasses and vision related experiments. Some of which are in various forms of being started or restarted. Others are in a shape of “maybe I should get working on that a little bit more.“ This is most true of the Everysight Maverick Developer Edition glasses. Had plans on simply integrating these with the Apple Watch and then later to integrate them with a Bosch-motored ebike, but those plans have been really slow to come together. And then they had a complete stop when I realized that the motor controller would be incompatible with an upgraded computer that would allow for a potential connection between the glasses and the motor.Stymied, once again.

This is something that seems to happen somewhat often. Leaping out into some idea or discovered path, and then something happens along the way they just closes the door or severely detours the intention. Much about what this endeavor has come from is the product of those types of blockages and redirect. And yet, Can’t help but still to move forward towards these imagined realities. There’s something about pushing forward toward an unexplored edge that makes sense. That makes everything else more or less make better sense.

The same thing happens with many organizations and teams. They push forward towards some aspect of who they desire themselves to be, and then they run into a wall. Some of the modern types of discussion and discourse would say that this is just part of the growing pains of a company that’s going to eventually break through. And I believe some of that is true. However, some of that is also just due to the nature of the , disorganization of many dreams. Not everyone has the ability to push forward and focus towards something that has definitive value, and is attainable. Often times we just plot forward and invent the future along the way rather than build it.

This is not written as something of a solution. It’s more of a soliloquy. Part of what it means to live towards the leading edge of your respective space means to take those roads that are not as widely traveled. Sometimes you can truly be the person that cuts a new road, and if you did the right thing, then there will be those who come behind you who put markers down and pave the road so that there is a platform of some sort that develops. Sometimes it might be yourself that does this, and those people are, few and far in between.

But, you should acknowledge when you are at a point where you might have outgrown the box that you are in because you are pushing a good bit more forward than the things around you were going. Into that, I would say don’t look at the blockages as a sign offailure, it just means that you were stymied once again. You have an opportunity now to make a decision to take another direction. To move forward, outside of the box that others are drawing inside of.