Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jan 2024

Been A Long Time Since Concepts

Have been sitting today thinking about what’s been shared here and how there’s not been any conceptual bits shared in a long time. Part of that definitely due to NDA/NDA-type agreements. But also part of that due to much of the work isn’t about making a new (or refreshed view) of products. It has been about the use of products already in hand - going back to our three-step Goals/Issues/Resources sensemaking framework. And while that’s good, it means there is also a tundra effect which happens. There’s a frozen plateau Avanceé is at, and it is due to not being able to get away from the shape of behaviors teams and orgs don’t have, to what they should be aspiring towards.

In one recent conversation, the subject of Apple Shortcuts alongside GPTs came up. These are both known tools, but do require some investment of time to customize (and sometimes even learn the purpose of). The conversation pointed to some latent abilities which are present in Apple’s low-code programming interface which could help any person reduce friction; but for them, the product itself wasn’t the friction point - it was the bandwidth they didn’t have.

Which takes us back to the concepts which cannot happen.

While it was definitely not the most profitable time for Avanceé, conceptual design and speculative fiction does poke into what “going forward” can spark best. However, those concepts are harder to grasp when folks are missing the bandwidth, reasoning, or even some foundational skills in the tools and process they use currently.

Perhaps… concepts are best left to those who are already sharpened. And “training” belongs to the rest?