Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jan 2022

A Bit Off the Cuff

Over the past many weeks, have had several conversations, and really insightful pieces of wisdom from various persons, about the future of Avanceé. One of the things very clear about this initiative is that it’s something that really doesn’t require a lot of thought to get behind. When explaining the intention for this initiative, it resonates very quickly. But I think most of that comes from the aspect of being able to knit someone’s context to the story of reengineering complexity. That’s talent from myself, not so much the framework of what this is… yet.

And at the same time a prevailing thought is there’s a little bit more than just process transformation because of Avanceé. Really, the best pieces of work, the parts of this work resonating, is where there’s some type of coaching preceding and walking alongside any process reengineering. Where there’s not so much, here’s this framework or website or application, but there is more of a “help me understand how to help you“ kind of conversation. And from that conversation, from the exploration something new, simplified, novel, or common sense makes it self known.

Or maybe this endeavor is simply “coaching” 🤔

Maybe this initiative really is more consulting than it is anything else. And that just might be OK. The shape of what it means to have a better sense of a design, or understand the outcomes of certain inputs, or even re-engineer processes, makes sense in the guise of consultation; but, it probably leans a bit better to meeting the need of teams and individuals when it’s framed more like coaching instead. And that focused isn’t lost. But it does point to something that’s not so easily defined in one or two market categories. It is something that’s a little more “build as you go.“ And then as systematic bits makes themselves evident, there’s less of a need to come off the cuff, and more of a sense of “OK, here are the outcomes that we’re gonna be able to point you too.“

At least in this moment that’s what it sounds like… Off the cuff that is.