Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Nov 2021

Expectations and Boundaries

Responded to an insightful post on LinkedIn which Dr. Richard Claydon asks about challenges related to going back to the office/remote work as normal (for knowledge workers).

What’s the biggest challenge of the various return to office models being suggested to the markets?

Many having difficulties reconciling professional and personal expectations regarding “what has to happen” vs “what is happening.” Some are finding the loosening of expectations as giving them room for a framework they’ve long wanted to explore. Others finding their frameworks for productivity and living are bound to those expectations. And the speed of their change breaks them (identity) down, not just the culture of work they upheld.

Boundaries are the fun one. The power dynamics some knowledge workers have wielded aren’t too different than the sprawl which defines too many “homes” and “commutes.” No longer being able to give space to the boundaries between work and home, folks are finding their locus of control or management challenged. Maybe also can call this a “lack of framework,” but also a lack of a psychological skeleton to deal with resettled boundaries without first dealing and healing thru various traumas. Those who take up the challenge to heal seem to be able to deal with the resettled boundaries differently.

There are a few more thoughts regarding this; which may come forward in some articles being currently worked on regarding design/research operations and team maturity building. Expecting some boundary-stretching bits? Yep.