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Jan 2021

Where Have the Articles Gone?

No, really where have the articles gone?

They really haven’t gone anywhere. It’s been more case of just collecting topics. And then from those topics looking for what doesn’t just so much generate interest, but what is solid enough to write and be a source of reoccurring knowledge. Not too sure about the visitors here because there’s no stats kept, but one of the important aspects of writing here is being able to go back and learn again from the items which were posted.

One of the topics being explored is on the area of federated/distributed networks. To one extent, @microblog can be considered one of these; but the thought is going a little bit further. Taking some of the impacts of what happens when you remove people from various social networks, media channels, and then a technology like the Internet which is supposed to be persistent, but due to various rules, it’s not as persistent as people would like it to be. What does networking look like when there’s less centralization? That’s a pretty good question, but those thoughts are not quite formalized just yet.

Another topic on deck is that of using an Apple TV as a temporary secondary workspace for someone who uses an iPad as a workstation. To this thought, it is taking the concept of the 10 foot user interface, and looking to see if there are any productivity gains to be had from a device that also has direct input leanings. This is an experiment, but like the previous is not quite as formalized yet as to what direction it will go. What is interesting? The applications which might be most useful when a TV is your secondary screen really aren’t all that explored on Apple TV. There is growth which could happen here.

Lastly, due to the virtual CES event this year, news about what’s happening is a bit slower to catch onto. But there’s one which did catch an eye: Vuzix Lightfield Lenses and Dynamic Glasses. This is something that probably will be in article sooner rather than later. But would rather get these glasses in hand and then begin looking at what an augmented secondary screen could do for the same idea of using a tablet as a workspace, or a 10 foot interface as a secondary screen. Not so much to put directions out front, or even see notifications. But what are the types of use cases in which overlays makes sense; not just in the case of commercial applications?

That is to say in conclusion, there are articles in progress. But not quite here just yet. And when they do returning regular cadence, hopefully they’ll be more than just a few snippets. Hopefully, there will be something worth reading now, and then coming back to reflect on later. Not just because something is an experiment or postulate, but because there is something further to pull out. In this age where things can be so temporary, it does make sense that articles can go to a place where they have something of a longer lifespan.