Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Dec 2020

Lenses (Explanation v1)

concept drawing of glasses with dynanmic changing lenses frok 2018

Been chewing on the pictured concept a bit more the past few months. Thinking through this concept of lenses as a kind of self-corrective element individuals, teams, ans orgs can utilize in order to come to clearer outcomes. But, instead of pitching to the achiever types who are usually fast to take these on, more for the folks who are comfortable, fearful of change, and often feeling like life changes on aware.

One lens aims to clarify a perspective for one role of folks. It asks questions such as:

  • where is the role spending time
  • what are the realized gaps at the intersection of team performance and org strategy
  • can multiple roles be seen in this lens, exposing overlapping skills or missed areas of control

There’s a few of these lenses. And hopefully, they will be able to be layered on top of one another, then adjusted (dialing) for clarity. Much like the concept, giving a dynamic perspective and elevating vision beyond the 2D judgements we often give it.

Because, there’s a sense here: within a spatial view of one’s environment, they can diagnose, correct, learn, understand the past while plan for several futures… they’ll have a lens to see.