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Mar 2020

Gravel Bike Stroll 🕶 📹

Trek Valencia, posing on small wooden bridge in trail area Posting a bit different than the usual, a video of one of my latest bike rides. Some call it “gravel,” and some prefer the term “all-road.” Both work, because both happened during this roll.

Gravel Bike Stroll

Per the usual, Snap’s Spectacles are the tool of choice for recording. There are a few reasons for this. But, the best reason is simply the versatility of memory-eyes which are in the same position as organic ones. Might be worth shifting to this type of experiential content from time to time. The other types still happen, but it’s in moments like these where the observations shared here are more lived.

  • Bike: 2009 Trek Valencia
  • Video: Snap Spectacles, Gen 1