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Feb 2019

Notable Reads for 1 Feb 🔗

Throughly enjoy those moments where there’s a cross-pollination of experiences and talents. There’s something about getting wind of a perspective outside of your focus which elevates the nuances you might not have considered before. And even more, when those nuances point to life and market opportunities otherwise hidden because of the sustained focus your endeavor might bring. Now, doing something with that cross-pollination — like creating new markets, or improving your own — this is the #futureofwork bit many talk about. However, it might not really be the future as much as it is what some have always done in order to find enjoyment in life and work.

Hoping the notable reads from this week offer you a chance to find a nuance under the snowdrift/haystack.

@manton also announced some major updates to Micro.Blog

Special shout out to @matthewcassinelli for (a) helping to address some issues and tweaks to the Avanceé Reads Shortcut (see others at the previous article on Shortcuts)and (b) for releasing his new newsletter Type - already found some neat notables in there. You might also.


A few items from us: