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Dec 2018

Links for 21 Dec

Two copies of Studio D's Field Study Handbook, 1st and 2nd editions - as shared on Snap

The way this part of the season has developed, one is supposed to take inventory of the year, admonish themselves for making it this far (in one piece), and reflect forward to the mostly positive outlook for the upcoming year. Rarely do we continue as if the year isn’t ending. It is only a solstice after all — a standing of the sun for just a moment. Perhaps the point of pausing all along wasn’t to reflect, but to give other pieces of our world a chance to find their rest and reset their rhythms. For the last week, these reads have been Avanceé’s solstice:

And a few from us:

In regards to the attached image: There’s the potential of sponsoring a masterclass based around The Field Study Handbook by Studio D in the DC Metro area in the late Spring. If you’d like to be notified about this, drop a line here, on Micro.Blog, or Twitter.

This could be the last shared links of ‘18. Not sure. In any case, if you’ve come along for the ride at any point during Avanceé Year One, thank you 🙏🏾

A blessed and merry Christmas to you, your families, and companies.