Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Oct 2018

Inventing the Other Stuff

In between the actual projects taken up by this Avanceé banner, there’s some intentional thinking space given to creating or exploring items in a fuller fashion than perhaps where some of those projects might travel. Sometimes, this comes out fully expressed into a concept or process that’s mostly useful to others (for example, the SmartTrip Apple Watch Concept App spoken about on a few occasions). These expansions of thought, process, and tooling take their own direction, oftentimes coming into nothing, or needing a bit more discipline, knowledge, or resource-capacity to come to a clear conclusion. However, its intentional to keep these. They inform Avanceé’s direction, as well as how this effort continues to be shaped forward.

An idea — lightly expressed — will rarely garner much of a view. An idea with something behind it, something tangeable such as code, interactive screens, physical textures, etc. does more to the psyche. These are the elements of the other parts of what it means to do something out-of-the-box. Where a new box is created, and instead of skating to where the puck is going, there’s a new field made with altogether new rules. Is it necessary that every new idea does this? No. But, can inventing beyond current perspectives be done any other way?

Knowledge, experience, and creativity can join together and make nothing much more than noise. Or, it can have the affect of resetting the field. The theory of disruption flows down this line. And so does any applications of change and risk management. Creativity is the most intentional of these buckets. Knowledge is recognized, with experience accounted for. Creativity arises from the output of these projects and either informs what might have been a foolish journey from a fruitful one. Lightly or harshly expressed, intentionally thinking of ways to get outside of what’s familiar doesn’t just have the effect of inventing “other stuff,” but also the effect of shaping what others only later come to understand.