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Jul 2018

Links for 27 July

Lots of flooding — both in rainfall and information — across various timelines this week. It’s almost as if the summer has found something of its own pace, and we aren’t used to it heating up to something a bit different. Perspective, or what we notice or don’t notice about the nuance of contexts, frames this week’s link share:

And a few from here:

Items have been cross-publishing on a dedicated channel on Medium. However, cross-publishing seems to not be working cleanly at the moment. Items will still be published at the Medium channel; just not in the same cadence as here.

Special note: Am speaking about digital humanism (aka, some of the ingredients behind Avanceé) at The Brigadoon Annapolis Salon Dinner + Sailing + Lecture Event in September. Join if you are in the area, or get in touch of this or similar topics you’d like to take a step beyond your box.