Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Mar 2018

Simple Image, Simple Focuses

It has been almost four months since starting Avanceé and there’s always this tension that it can be refined a bit more, that there’s something a bit better about it which can be pulled forward so that it creates as much value as it is envisioned to. And then you see those who have done similar and how you aren’t racing anyone - nor are you yet anywhere near the destination…

There were a few other thoughts in mind for this week’s post, but I think Ben Thompson’s announcement of the five year anniversary and 4.0 iteration of Stratechery speaks to exactly what needs to happen not just with Avanceé, but with our lives, projects, and products in general. Its not about covering what others do, nor is it about being your own isolated stream. But, there are those of us who are looking for a different kind of perspective, a nuanced approach to focusing on what matters, and its not going to necessarily be found in the commons. It would be found in the crevices, on the open waters, and usually, persistently striving for its own voice in the abyss.

In a tweet some days ago, we said:

There’s something about the future that’s more than just seen, it’s felt. Thing is, when you feel it, that means the future is already here. Design is one part enabling others to use all of their senses. Not just the ones w/which they see.

There’s something impressive upon such reflections. Not that Avanceé has some special kind of product or power to uncover anything. We are purposeful about thinking just outside of the box that we are feeling around towards things which don’t register in the commons. They won’t. As a matter of relationship though, we look to translate those into what is valuable. In this we create a wider and deeper sea upon which ships travel.

Perhaps Avanceé will imprint something different. Perhaps not. But, in passing a ship (Stratechery) which has been in these seas for a while, this is a great moment to simplify focuses, do what we aim to do, and set the pace for the moments which await.