Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jan 2018

Describing Avanceé’s Key Themes

Missed on Tuesday’s big post due to activites & focuses going elsewhere. But here’s a key theme: tools we use shape the way we shape our worlds. Many times, we don’t realize the misapplication of a tool or its resulting behavior until something grevious happens (Hawaii nuclear alert for instance). Other times, we engage in some aspect of sharping our world, but end up needing to bend to tools, methods, or behaviors which have not caught up to us (tweet earlier on voice-augmented artifacts for productivity tools).

We cannot miss the constant evolution our tools provoke towards us. So, while yes it’s correct that we cannot move to every new thing which comes along. And even some older things we hastily move back towards because of their comfort. The focus on doing the best job means being attentive not simply to the outputs, but to the craftsmanship which happens during.

Avanceé believes we can design the present using the future’s tools not because the tools are here, but because we are. What we create when the focus is that hasn’t yet been given the words, images, or videos to be described… yet.