Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

22 Apr 2022

Avanceé Reads for 22 April 22 🔗 🌎🌍🌏

There’s probably something that connects the “22” of today along with Earth Day. Certainly, the reads for this past week...
18 Apr 2022

Design As Anti-Career

Some folks don’t want to hear the truth. Some want you to placate their expectations until you are no longer of good use...
15 Apr 2022

Avanceé Reads for 15 April ‘22 🔗

Also published: Disabling Conversations
11 Apr 2022

Disabling Conversations

While establishing this initiative, several conversations about its purpose and validity have come about. Often, these c...
08 Apr 2022

Avanceé Reads for 8 April ‘22 🔗

Also published: Artifacts of the Future For other channels, posted an aggregate of the past four months of articles (mi...
04 Apr 2022

Artifacts of the Future

Since the late winter of 2020, I have moved from an automobile to a multi-modal-centeric view of transportation. Bolster...
01 Apr 2022
28 Mar 2022
18 Mar 2022
14 Mar 2022

Work Flows Smarter

The deadbolt has been a long running part of many home doors. And more prevalent in those middle class communities where...
11 Mar 2022
07 Mar 2022

A View of Tomorrow

Sometimes we look at the future as something so far off that it’s almost unimaginable. But what happens when we look at ...
04 Mar 2022
25 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022

Avanceé Reads for 18 Feb 22 🔗

A late posting, for a few reasons. But probably timing doesn’t really matter until it does 🤔
11 Feb 2022

Avanceé Reads for 11 Feb 22 🔗

Also published: Design’s Dialects
10 Feb 2022

Design’s Dialects

Across a few previous projects, one shape of deliverable was a data dictionary, or some type of subject-genre lexicon. T...
04 Feb 2022

Avanceé Reads for 4 Feb 22 🔗

Also published: One-Buttons Successes
31 Jan 2022

One-Button Successes

“Can you help me just get this process down to where I can click one button and it does what I need?” There’s an anxiety...
28 Jan 2022

Avanceé Reads for 28 Jan 22 🔗

Also published: Sharpening A Few Arrows Read other articles here.
24 Jan 2022

Sharpening A Few Arrows

Have been encouraged over the past few weeks with several conversations about what this initiative is about. Into that e...
21 Jan 2022

Avanceé Reads for 21 Jan 22 🔗

Also published: Three Leg Table
17 Jan 2022

Three Leg Table

Over the course of many years of mentoring and coaching, there’s been a common axiom shared with folks to help them iden...
14 Jan 2022

Avanceé Reads for 14 Jan 22 🔗

New year and the reading, linking, threading, and thematic interludes continue. One of the more fascinating aspects of l...
10 Jan 2022

Podcast: Theology and the Metaverse

The other week, got a chance to hang with an old friend Nigel Scott (@ExCapite) on his new podcast conversations space W...