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27 Jan 2023

Avanceé Reads for 27 Jan 23 🔗

Also published: Post-Twitter Discourse
23 Jan 2023

Post-Twitter Discourse

There’s a lot of possibilities (Mastadon, Discord, Gas, Snap, etc). But, if you know me, I tend to be a tick ahead. Not ...
20 Jan 2023
13 Jan 2023
06 Jan 2023
04 Jan 2023

The Whole View of Avanceé Reads 2022

Haven’t had the mental capacity to thematically arrange these, but the view from week to week and month to month is quit...
30 Dec 2022

Avanceé Reads for 30 Dec 22 🔗

Whoops, kind of forgot to post these. Last notable reads set for 2022. And what an incredible amount of reading, contemp...
23 Dec 2022

Avanceé Reads for 23 Dec 22 🔗

Might be the last of the year, might not be. Depends on… well, how does one stop or slow down processing the things whic...
22 Dec 2022

Reviewing Avanceé’s 2022 Research and Experiments

Around this time of the year, we revisit some of the research and experiments which have been a part of the ongoing dev...
16 Dec 2022

Avanceé Reads for 16 Dec ‘22 🔗

Getting to that point where one reflects on the past year and wraps up plans for next year. Something in this wise, alon...
10 Dec 2022
02 Dec 2022
25 Nov 2022

Avanceé Reads for 25 Nov 22 🔗

Also published: Reflections of a Difference in Perspective
21 Nov 2022

Reflections of A Difference in Perspective

Being in a different working & mental space for a week does wonders for one’s psyche …it also can reopen wounds. T...
19 Nov 2022
11 Nov 2022
04 Nov 2022
28 Oct 2022

Avanceé Reads for 28 Oct 22 🔗

Also published: If Twitter Goes…
26 Oct 2022

If Twitter Goes…

had this for Monday, forgot to hit Pulbish - whoops For many people, who do not live a significant portion of their live...
21 Oct 2022

Avanceé Reads for 21 Oct 22 🔗

Also published: Thought Experiment in An OS (operating system)
18 Oct 2022

Thought Experiment: Excitement in an OS

The other week, a tweet asked: Are you a computer software professional and unhappy with your workstation OS If a bran...
14 Oct 2022

Avanceé Reads for 14 Oct 22 🔗

Also published: An Analogy of Presence
10 Oct 2022

An Analogy of Presence

Watching young ones with connectivity is always a lesson. You might see them being distracted, or mindlessly entertained...
07 Oct 2022
30 Sep 2022