Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

May 2024

OpenAI Announcment & Take Away

Much about yesterday’s AI news was about OpenAI’s ChatGPT update to GPT-4o (omnimodal is what I’m hearing that means). And par the course, I used my Humane AiPin to get a summary update from the announcement.

What’s important to take away from this - your tools are shifted (if you are in a space where you need to mix/remix/analyze data streams, aka knowledge work). You need to be more curious (like a data scientist) while also being more creative (pick your favorite medium, then it’s most generative artist). You need to be able to hold conflicting points of view more readily, and trust becomes a more important than simply delivering something.

If you have a capacity to learn, or are immensely curious, then your opportunities here might unveil themselves faster than those who are waiting for a “solution.” Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to become your most important sensemaker - while fostering the ability for others to make sense of what’s unveiling.

Bonus Bits

Will be interesting to see what happens with a few tools on deck. First, Humane is working on integrating GPT-4o already.. Should make the demoing-experiences-moments much better.

How will focus use these to focus themselves, or augment themselves, in addditon to gettingg answers readily? Some items we shouldn’t need to do as much - and others we ought to lean in more. There’s a shape of humanity where that decision making is more work than the mess that passes for it now.

Screenshot of Humane engineer getting an integration of ChatGPT-4o into their device-platform