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Jan 2023

The Whole View of Avanceé Reads 2022

Haven’t had the mental capacity to thematically arrange these, but the view from week to week and month to month is quite inspiring. From just a grouping, to sketched connector lines, to commentary on the links themselves, the view of what was read and considered has spatial depth that hard to put into a few words.

But, maybe that is also the point. Sharing not because you are a part of a distribution network, nor because anyone gains pennies from what has been linked to. This static expression of “this mattered enough to note in the last week” is a commentary on depth itself. And like the many “year end compilations,” this too follows a reflection of depth and recall.

The goal is to continue to share, continue to explore Muse as the canvas for this. And maybe, find other ways in which programmable ink might express what type cannot.

2022 snapshot archive of every Avanceé Reads board