Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Mar 2021

Avanceé Reads 5 Mar ✍🏾🔗

Viewpoints Doesn’t really matter what kinds of lenses we use, often the perspective is determined by more than just our posture. Some of the profession of our senses is also shaped by the lenses we put on and takeoff. Rose-colored or transitions, those lenses don’t simply sharpen our response, they also determine if we respond at all. It takes a certain kind of strength or stubbornness to stay in the present while being receptive to the future. You cannot account for every permutation, but you can account for the depth of your abilities to adjust. Some of this adjustment might be to tune into past voices. To adjust as a strength, A perspective worth exercising. And when necessary, adding a voice to what comes next in this reality.