Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Jan 2021

Avanceé Reads 29 Jan ✍🏾 🔗

Stiring the Pot, Sipping Bowls  Fabulous to dive into so many reads this week before the GME stuff broke open. Lots actually setup the lenses which have helped areas of understanding.  But, the actions of the week do happen. The things put into our laps ads sometime worth the meal, and other times leaves a hunger to learn more.  If there are other lessons to be gained from this informational meal, it would be probably to look into the obscure places for insight. Listen to these voices, because they might have been doing the things you’ve wanted to hear. Or, not hear.  This shape, this bowl, is not something to be gulped or sipped wantonly. These are times to stir snd sip. Then, when those who want to eat are full, you unveil the ingredients of a meal for a better age.