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Apr 2019

Notable Reads for 12 Apr 🔗

As mentioned earlier this week, wanted to get back to letting the notable links/reads of the week sit on this pattern. It’s not that sharing a daily links blog is not important. But, it makes more sense through curation when you can figure out what some of those things look like, and how it impacts an audience.

Today, the theme is contemplation and breathing. Taking into account that not everything that we breathe in can be understood immediately, nor that everything that we breathe out will be something that lingers. There’s space. Space for contemplation in between the breath. And where that space is appreciated, beauty happens, life happens. And maybe, a return to a better rhythm.

With that, here are those items which stuck out this week; and just as previously, the order presented as a team just as important as the individual articles:

Just one piece authored this week:

Previously shared notable lists: