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Feb 2019

Notable Reads for 15 Feb

Picture from Mars Opportunity Rover via Twitter


That word spoke to what kept coming back towards this week. Not simply because resonance is both noun and past-action verb, but because there’s something about the way some pieces of work have rippled across the ether which seems to invite something more to the cannon than what’s been given at the surface.

“…”Resonance—there is no wisdom without it,” Birkerts writes. “Resonance is a natural phenomenon, the shadow of import alongside the body of fact, and it cannot flourish except in deep time.”

Perhaps the measure of doing these readings isn’t so much capturing time as it happened, but looking for the deeper indents to which time has been allowed to cultivate something better than simply knowing what’s happening. Perhaps, this is is what it means for this week’s theme of notable reads to be more than simply read:

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