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Sep 2018

Links for 21 Sept

Throughly enjoyed sharing a bit about “digital humanism” at Annapolis Brigadoon over the past days. Yet, for as much as there was an expression of Avanceé (main points: livability as productivity and boundaries established around understanding circadian rhythms), the conversations when went well beyond and through our presentation made the time all that more enjoyable. There’s a thread in all things, and maybe the best one yet being the conversations which enable us to learn just a little bit more about other’s place in the world, and perhaps refine how we see ourselves in the same.

With that, here are this week’s links:

And a few from us:

And finally, if you’ve not seen some of the scenes from our time at Annapolis Brigadoon, a number of them have been shared on Snap(chat). Will hold off a few days before putting some more there. You can also find The Brigadoon on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets. There’s also a weekly newsletter full of links, events, and other means to take your abilities and connections forward.