Musings on designing experiences & (re)engineering complexity

Feb 2018

Links for 23 Feb

I think an earlier thought about being intuitive on purpose might be a truer characterization of Avanceé than many other turns of phrase so far. And yet, even that thought didn’t come out of nowhere - it was generated through a series of work, digesting thoughts from elsewhere, and the resulting actions from them. Wonder what the resulting acts for these links will be:

And finishing with a great quote from Peter Scholtes found on Twitter

More than 95% of your organization’s problems derive from your systems, processes, and methods, not from your individual workers. Improving systems takes a concerted, well-planned, usually cross-functional effort led from the top of the organization. Without conscious attention to systems, you will focus on people. Your people are doing their best, but their best efforts cannot compensate for your inadequate and dysfunctional system.